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mounted this 3 months back in a lengthy and narrow cupboard that doesn't enable the very best gain access to nonetheless this functions flawlessly. my broom swiffer wipe and extendable feather duster all healthy flawlessly and fold down hooks are terrific for an apron and our bag of plastic grocery store bags. i did not use the encased equipment to mount this thing because we get broom holders on plaster walls and required greater than just a plastic wall anchor and also screws however can have had i gotten on drywall. do take a suggestion from the picture and also alternative the heads deals with of your appliances as this makes everything fit far better wipe head down swiffer direct broom head down plume end up etc. i enjoy the roller design round grabber better compared to the clip design ones from the huge box shops since they do not need any kind of pressing or drawing. considering this products is plastic this design must last yearsr without all the battling. to hang a product you just place it in the tooth cavity with the ball then let gravity do the work. beautiful! we had been utilizing an old storage bar that depend on shaped metal grabbers to hold the handles.this one is much far better. no demand to press cleansing devices right into it rather the manages move right in. the grasp strength suffices to keep the handles in position yet your tools will easily raise out when you require them. a great piece of engineering.the unit also features hinged hooks so you can flip them up if you want. made use of to be little things like our dustpan as well as brush were jammed into a grabber prong though the hole in the tool's deal with and they often stood out off when scrambled. no extra. those little hooks are a minor feature yet carry a huge advantage. our tiny tools now have a secure location to rest.mounting is easy as well offered you have a level area to stand. ours went on the wall of our cellar staircase so i had to make some unpleasant reaches and also off balance ones as well in order to finish the job.we must have purchased this point years ago.

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