How To Master Faux Jellyfish In 6 Simple Steps


An artificial jellyfish

Superb Value ... took me concerning 8 attempts to get the realistic jellyfish aquarium into the appropriate place ... moved away from air so it would certainly stop turning ... was a little bit concerned regarding fish having problems with it based upon a pair of other evaluations I saw ... but I have had it in my 40 Gallon fresh water container for about 4 days and fish don't appear to be having any kind of problems with it. I though it may look low-cost if I might see the line holding it yet I can not see it the line from where I sit which is just about 3' from the container. I obtained my best light representation when I relocated it to the center of the container where I have my overhanging blue lights.Exactly what I wanted for my phony fish dish. Just a bit of extra design. I have actually had the fake jellyfish in there for a couple of months and also haven't seen any discoloration or various other concerns. The suction mug comes in handy to maintain the jellyfish simply below the surface area of the water rather than drifting on top. My feline consumes from the dish often and also doesn't seem to mind the preference of the water. These are low-cost as well as not intended to look actual, but if that's exactly what you want after that this will do the trick. Pick this due to the fact that I only desired one. My tank is 37 gallons, as well as it occupies a fair amount of area. You cannot see the string at all. Have not seen my fish run into the string though. Looks much better in black light than I might catch in a photo. For one reason or another I assumed it would certainly drift around a little bit, which it does not. Note - if you have a whole lot of algae in your container, it will certainly grow on this design. It is rather very easy to cleanse off though.This is a fun addition to the fish tank of 29 gallons. The guppies want to run across it and also the current from the filter aids it 'swim'. Heaven color of the fake jellyfish for fish tank is great, I don't think I would have suched as the various other colors. Attaching it to the base was a must. When connected to the side of the aquarium, it would not go away from the wall surface. It took awhile to find the ideal height to obtain it to 'swim' once we did it functioned terrific. I would certainly buy once more jellyfish